1 week project with Anab, Matt and Phil

The brief to design a new sport resulted in King Pong. We wanted to create an entertaining team sport and with one week given the rules should not be to complicated. We found inspiration in the old-school computer game Pong and made a version in the real world with real humans dressed up as pixels. Having pong as inspiration means that most people are already familiar the rules.

You will need:                                                                 
- 2 teams of 4 players tied together by ankles wearing white square hats makes the "paddles"
- 1 constantly forward moving "ball"
- a rectangle shape marked on the ground defining the space for the game

The ball must stay inside the marked space
Each team must prevent the "ball" from leaving the marked space on their side by moving together, picking up the "ball" and sending it towards the other teams side. If they don’t manage to do that it means a point for the other team.
It is about coordinating how to move as a team.

King Pong is a spectators sport! The rules is easy but physically it is quite hard to play and can have sideeffects such as injuries.


   See quicktime videodocumentation


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