Good news: The project TAP-TAP knockbox is featured in the book idN special 04: The Art of Experimental Interaction Design

TapTap rhythm machine

5 weeks project with Andy Huntington

TapTap is a modular system of rhythmic, repetitious building blocks. Knock on the top and it will repeat the pattern after a delay. The single units are able to work in a bigger system of knock boxes making the user able to stack them in sequences to create cascading rhythms.

We build two working, self-contained prototypes to get the physical feeling of the knock box. Furthermore a piece of software was created to give the idea of what a TapTap system with numerous building blocks would feel like to play with. >>>Try TapTap software>>>

The Knock box TapTap grew out of an electronics workshop with Jon Rogers. Fascinated and playing around with tapping mechanisms, rhythms and repetition, we decided to keep it rather simple, without to many layers of meaning. With TapTap system we tried to take the concept of tapping and develop it into a system with multiple objects adding to the richness and playfulness.


   See quicktime video of TapTap


Tap-Tap was exhibited in the interaction design interim show January 2004.

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