One week project with Anab Jain

In this project we were interested in designing for our perception of time and especially trying to alter or comment on that perception. We aim to do this by introducing time into unexpeced relationships with objects.

Time in a book

No more page numbers. Time is now the reference. How long does it take to read? How long have you been reading? What happens if you read faster than indicated on each page? Do you gain time? Do you waste time ?


Time in a Pint

Would it make any difference to order a 10-, 30-, or 60 min. pint in the pub? Can the glass change the experience? Does it give any new meaning to "go for a cheeky one"?

Time in a Pen

Measure time! Would it add anything to the experience of using a markerpen if you knew that it's total life is 12 minutes? Will the awareness dictate anything how it is used?

Time for a cigaret?

We have ben p laying around with cigarettes and the time you spend smoking them. Does that give a different experience of smoking as cigarette when indicating the smoking time and suggesting different smoking speed?

Flexible time

This clock let you make an hour longer or shorter. Do you specifically like the hour between 12 and 1? Just push the numbers around to create your own time.

upload soon