4 weeks project about emotions, input/output and storytelling

If you look at a new object, device or technology, without prior knowledge of its use or function, you will find it hard to assess it value. Being able to project use on to anything whether it is a stack of money, a dumper truck or a hedge trimmer is vital.

Helping a potential user understand how a device or technology might benefit them is half the battle. Advertising often does this, especially when the focus of the advert is something less tangible than an object – a service for instance, or a brand. The advert will focus on the benefits of a service or brand. This may be the relationship you have with the company or some of the aspirational aspects that come by being associated with that service or brand. All this focuses around telling stories.

Useless output
Every output can potentially be used as another input. I got fashinated with the useless (?) small paper outputs that a holepuncher is making and started developing stories about them.

Can you actually add emotions to a paperdot? I wanted to give the useless paperdot a new context and made it tell the story about what it is the imaginary compagny CareerDotCom is about. Please watch the short video...>>


see video of CareerDotCom


Looking at in- and outputs:

(the research and experiments made previous to CareerDotCom)

Looking at in and outputs    >>

upload soon